Frankenstein in Fortnite. Presentation of all cosmetic items in the pack

Epic has already revealed all the cosmetics that will be available in the Frankenstein Pack.

It is known that the package will have one additional, yet undisclosed style – the one referring to the original appearance of the character. It shows, however:

  • Pickaxe
  • Wrap
  • Loading screen
  • Backpack

The price remains unknown, the entire package will enter the store on October 5 at 8 pm ET, which is literally in a few hours.

What’s in this pack?

Of course, the package includes a skin that will probably have a second style as well. The skin may be popular, but it feels quite “big”, so it won’t be everyone’s favorite skin for sure.

The set also includes a pickaxe depicting a shovel and a backpack, which is a jar with a brain inside. The loading screen is less important, the wrap is moderately shown.

Is it worth buying? There are definitely some other skins coming out that will also be worth paying attention to. So far, the most hype is around the next version of Skull Trooper.

You also need to remember about the Queen and other cosmetic items that will now be revealed.