An introductory overview of Fortnitemares. Gold version of Skull Trooper, Frankenstein and more

Epic has shared with players a preliminary description of the upcoming event.

The developers figured out that they would divide the Fortnitemares into several stages. In the first week, as we informed, Frankenstein will show up. This one will hit the store on October 5 at 8pm EDT.

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Trailers for other characters appear in this one graphic. Most of them can be easily recognized from previous leaks. On the right side, you can see a reference probably to The Walking Dead.

What else?

The four weeks are as follows:

So we can expect the golden version of Skull Trooper – the long-announced mummy. In addition, the disclosure of the Queen is finally coming. As for the official description:

Fortnitemares 2021 has many new and returning Halloween Outfits in store. Some of what to expect? Throughout the month, cards will reveal legendary monsters making their way to the Fortnite Item Shop, as well as classic Fortnite characters getting new Halloween twists. Take a look at the card to see who’s entering the Item Shop, and see the backs of other cards for hints at who’s next.

Want some reveals now? Iconic creatures include the Universal Pictures-inspired Frankenstein’s Monster and The Mummy, part of the Universal Monsters Set! Keep up with the card flip page and our social channels to see when they storm into the Item Shop. (The Mummy will also be lurching on the Island as a Character later in the month, trying to find his way home to the Underworld.)

To help kick things off, the community-inspired Boxy and Boxer are in the Item Shop now, October 5, with new glowing versions of their alternate Spectral Styles!

Also, throughout October, you can visit the Battle Bus and Fortnite cosplay characters at Universal CityWalk, adjacent to Universal Studios Hollywood. Different characters will appear throughout the month, with special appearances by new Fortnitemares characters the day they go live in the Item Shop! Stop by and take a picture.

The Cubes are mobilizing for the next step of their plan. Later in the month, they’ll escalate their domination of the Island. But take heart! Strengthen your resolve with a new weapon from The Sideways and returning Halloween tricks. A special LTM will be returning as well…

During this Cubic chaos, there’ll also be Quests to accomplish for eerie rewards.

Fortnitemares 2021 will be wrapping up with the third Short Nite film festival! Like previous Short Nites, “Shortnitemares” will feature animated shorts — but this time, the shorts will be based on the ghoulish and sinister. Also, this Short Nite will take place in a creator-made movie theater (created by Quantum Builds), where each short’ll have its own theater room. Choose the order you watch them in, or watch them all in a loop in the festival room.