Fortnite’s last update of the season has likely been postponed. For when?

The latest update for Fortnite season 3 was probably either postponed or just originally scheduled for Wednesday.

It’s not such an ordinary update, as it is marked 21.51. This one, however, should add event files and those referring to the end of season 3. Leakers have so far reported that the patch will take place on Tuesday.

However, all indications are that the next date is Wednesday. Tournaments are taking place today, and that’s exactly when Fortnite would be going through a technical break.

Last update this season

In general, the whole thing is very strange. Content updates have practically never required a download or technical break. Here leakers, including HYPEX, are writing about a possible break.

Epic didn’t announce anything today or yesterday, so everyone is preparing for another date. Potentially just for Wednesday.

At this point, so much is known that nothing is known. All information and reports are based on leaks or theories. In fact, nothing can be certain. Epic might as well have even given up on this update.