Fortnite x Jordan. The decrypted files show a mysterious mountain. The cooperation is to start today

Leakers got a bit wrong saying that the cooperation between Fortnite and Jordan will start yesterday.

Though it was close, no new collaboration emerged yesterday. This is about to change today. Leakers are so sure that they give a specific time of showing the whole cooperation, including new skins.

  • So the cooperation is to be disclosed today at 10:00 AM ET
  • Skins will land in the store on December 2

The first concrete leaks

Yesterday, several files related to this cooperation were deciphered. Of course, shoes were to be expected.

The most interesting thing is that the terrain was also in the files. Some even theorized that this was related to the graphics that were displayed on I.O’s computer, but it is rather impossible.

Different shape and most of all it’s too early for Epic to add such things. On the other hand, it is extremely strange that it was included in the files regarding cooperation with the Jordan brand.