Currently, the most popular skin in all of Fortnite is the 800 V-Bucks skin

Chapter 2 Season 8 is ending soon, which means another update marked as 19.00 is on the way.

So this is a good time to summarize the last update, informing about a small curiosity related to the most popular skins of recent days. Leakers collect information about the matches played in Fortnite every day, thanks to which they are able to show which skins were the most popular.

This is probably how Chapter 2 will end, with the three skins at the forefront. Once, full statistics were kept and these are still available, but the developers are working on improving the system, which means that so far there are only 3 skins.

TOP 3 skins in 18.40

It would seem that Naruto will make a sensation among players, but it is not. He is not in TOP 3, but Kakashi is.

  • TOP 3 – Kakashi
  • TOP 2 – Charlotte
  • TOP 1 – Consistently since several updates – Aura

There is no greater doubt which skin is the favorite. Aura has been winning for a long time, now she is on the throne again. Epic knows perfectly well what it is doing, restoring her at regular intervals.

She is available for purchase almost every month. No wonder that it collects such positive opinions, it looks very good, and it costs relatively little (800 V-Bucks).