Fortnite x Discord official. You can earn free items for completing challenges.

It’s hard to say whether Discord contributed to this, but yes – in order to get new cosmetic items, you need to complete tasks from Discord.

We wrote about leaks on the subject and now everything has been confirmed. There are a total of three items to get, the most interesting of which is a wrap. It may not be an amazing craze of cosmetics, but if you’re hunting for free stuff, it’s worth your interest.

And so the items to be obtained are:

  • a wrap,
  • loading screen,
  • banner icon.

Fortnite Paradise Discord Quest Rewards

What do you need to do to get it?

The matter is simple, you need to go to the appropriate Discord server and start doing tasks:

Of course, you need to have your Discord account linked to your Epic Games account for everything to work.