Fortnite won’t work for the entire 2 days again? Bold leakers’ theory

More and more people are saying that there really won’t be the 9th season, instead, there will be the 3rd chapter.

Although it sounds quite abstract, leakers and YouTubers are starting to say that season 9 will actually be gone. This information is not confirmed and should not be treated as such, but even the biggest creators write:

There is supposed to be a whole lot of evidence for this, but all of this is more circumstantial. They actually come together, but still nothing official here.

2-day break?

One of the most popular posts on why it won’t be Season 9 belongs to Twitter user “EatHam_Emf”. He wrote down most of the points that there will be a 2-day technical break after Season 8, just like at the end of Chapter 1.

The user lists here descriptions of cosmetic items, the words in the Queen’s Music Pack, the opening of the bunker, the final challenges, Donald Mustard’s trailers, and the fact that the black hole files were updated a while ago.

One still has to be skeptical, but Chapter 3 seems more and more likely. Then it may turn out that Fortnite will not work again. This time, by changing not only the island, but also the engine to UE5.