A new biome is coming to Fortnite. This is indicated by leaks regarding the released NPC

At the end of October, leakers announced a new NPC that is about to appear in a biome that is not yet available.

The fact that the map in Fortnite is about to change is nothing new. Rather, everyone realizes that with the event and a new season or chapter, Epic will want to refresh the island.

Relatively little is known about the refresh itself. Until now, the main information was the one about the pyramid. According to leakers, however, it was supposed to have the properties of a cube and not be directly related to the sand and the climate of the desert.

Does a new NPC herald a desert biome?

At the end of October, news about a new NPC appeared in the leaks in the desert. The only problem is there is no desert in Fortnite. There are beaches, but no desert.

So there is a good chance that either this season or in the new season, there will be a desert and a desert biome.

Of course, so far there is no question that the biome is confirmed and will definitely appear. Chances are all of this has to do not so much with the island as with the overall storyline and possibly the beaches.