Fortnite players will earn more XP for common quests. New values have been made available

As announced, Epic said it’s time to increase the amount of XP you earn from challenges.

At this point, the amount of XP gained is still very controversial. Epic announced an improvement to the entire system and in fact, today a new schedule for shared quests has been released, which is to give players more experience points.

So far, the feedback from players has been positive and it is hardly surprising. Everyone thinks that in general, players should reach level 100 more easily, especially in relation to the “Cheat” mode, where many are already on over 500th level.

New XP for shared quests

The changes apply to all common quest rarities:

  • Common: 2500XP
  • Uncommon: 2650XP
  • Rare: 2750XP
  • Epic: 2900XP
  • Legendary: 3750XP

Now it will be easier to earn that Battle Pass Tier 100. It is very possible that it is not over of those types of changes.