Fortnite players have passed another milestone in levels. Level 1000 is not a distant possibility anymore

It looks like level 1000 might actually appear this season.

The “Impostor” mode has got a lot of people to incredibly high levels at this point. Recently, there were two NPC bugs that also allowed you to earn 600,000 XP in each game.

The additional XP boost in challenges made the leveling process even faster, and so Fortnite has people who are already level 700.

The highest level in Fortnite

At the moment, “YT RAGES REVENGE” has probably the highest level in Fortnite. He posted a screenshot showing that he broke the 700th level barrier.

Behind him is another YouTuber who often recorded guides on how to level up quickly. But he is 100 levels behind.

If it goes on like this, people with level 1000 may actually appear this season. It is already said that Epic should seriously start thinking about some prizes for such players in the form of some special cosmetic item. However, these are only requests and proposals from the community.