Another Fortnite skin that will probably get a new version. It is confirmed by the leaks

Epic seems to have revealed a lot more than we initially thought.

Many different skins have already been revealed in these mysterious announcements with different cards. Now the next leak from the survey is confirmed. Leakers were able to see a hint here for one of the skins:

Who is this? At first glance, nobody specific, some blurry shapes, and that’s it. And yet people involved in searching through files were able to recognize this skin.

What is this skin (or skins)?

It turns out that it’s probably a different version of the Wild Card. It makes sense because so far there have been two skins related to it in the leaks. One is the green version:

The second is the female equivalent of the Card:

It is very possible that in Update 18.20 there will be either two of these skins or at least one of them. The patch is scheduled for next Tuesday, so you won’t have to wait long. So far, it is not known whether it will be part of the new package, the skin, or maybe an additional style.