Fortnite like Terraria. Epic’s production ported to 2D view. Looks surprisingly good

Virtually everyone is familiar with Terraria. One person decided to do something similar with Fortnite.

Fortnite in 2D could be a really interesting mode. Not even so much in duels for 100 people, but for a few or a dozen. Something like this could definitely be introduced as a periodic mode for, say, April Fools’ Day.

Of course, creating this would not be easy, but it is an idea that can then be developed. The potential is certainly there, as perfectly demonstrated by “Brux”.

Fortnite moved to 2D

There is no question of some kind of competitive gaming here, although there would certainly be people who would like to dominate in something like this. This is an interesting concept, while unfortunately there is currently no option to play in such a way.

Even if there was someone who knew how to do something like this, it would certainly be blocked by Epic. It was the same with other projects.


Will such a thing ever be created? The chances of it are rather small, but there are some nonetheless. Especially since the Creative Mode is soon to undergo a complete overhaul, and players will literally be able to create their own games inside Fortnite itself.