Donald Mustard with a mysterious hint about season 4. Players were quick to figure it out

Donald Mustard loves to give players all sorts of hints. This time it wasn’t anything amazing, but players got to think about it for a while.

Epic is known not only for giving all sorts of hints, trivia, and secrets directly in the game, but also on specific profiles of people who are very high up in the studio’s structures.

One of them is, of course, Donald Mustard. He loves to communicate with the Fortnite community in unusual ways and give non-obvious hints from time to time.

Donald Mustard about season 4

Donald Mustard wrote the following message a few hours ago:

At first glance, it says absolutely nothing. People started to think what could be going on here, and all signs point to the fact that TB is an abbreviation for “Terbium”. What is Terbium? It’s a chemical element.

Why is Epic referring to it? Just look at the picture:

The silver color will definitely play a very important role next season, which is why Epic is announcing it this way.