Fortnite leakers heartbroken that people thought the new season collaboration is with Google Chrome

Twitter users, for some reason, thought that the new Fortnite season is also a collaboration between Epic and Google Chrome.

Epic’s announcements featured a lot of words related in some way to Chrome. Just like that – it is the main theme of the season. It’s not clear why, but word spread on Twitter that this would be evidence of an upcoming collaboration between Epic and Google Chrome.

How did people put this together? No one knows. Apparently, the leakers literally snapped when they saw the official description under the trending Twitter tag.

Chrome, and Google Chrome and Fortnite

The description under the “Chrome” tag reads:

It looks like Fortnite is announcing a collaboration with Google Chrome after a series of tweets (…).

And that’s because chrome has the word from Google Chrome in it. That was enough for the world to recognize that Fortnite would work with the browser to some extent. The question is what this would even consist of and how it would work – no one knows, because of course nothing of the sort will happen. Unless someone knows more than the leakers because such an option also exists.