Fortnite is better for those who don’t play. Epic will give them a free gift for their return

It is a bit reminiscent of all the offers of mobile operators, where there is nothing for existing customers, and for new customers a whole lot of different gifts.

Epic has once again decided to encourage everyone who for some reason stopped playing Fortnite. The developers came up with a special gift for people who have not logged into the game within the last 30 days.

Fortunately, it is not yet such a level that people get free skins, but a wrap. The action is related to streamelements, but this time everyone can benefit, not just selected streamers.

Free wrap for Fortnite players

People who know exactly where to enter will be happy for sure, but due to the requirement of 30 days, few people will benefit from it. The matter is simple, you go to the website, log in and get the challenge. There is a free wrap for finishing it.

Simple? Well, as long as you haven’t played for 30 days, of course. The wrap that you can pick up won’t be special. After that, it will most likely show up normally in the store.

However, it’s always something free that you can get. There are a lot of people collecting free items in Fortnite, and this is another of them. The only problem is that, unfortunately, it is limited. The link that you need to enter looks like this:

Except that at the end you have to add a working nick, for example