Fortnite Chapter 2 or 3 started better? Players show a comparison of the first 5 weeks

The second and third chapters are very different. Which of them started better?

The start of the third chapter of Fortnite is considered a bit more boring than the beginning of the second chapter. Mainly because despite the event, there was no update for the first five weeks.

It is understandable in a way, Epic wanted to give players the opportunity to get acquainted with news, etc. In addition, there was also the holiday period.

Did Chapter 2 have a better start?

Players started comparing the two chapters and it quickly turned out to be really good. Well, at least at first glance.

In theory, Chapter 3 had more news. The only problem is that most of them included cosmetic items, and players got a free pickaxe due to technical problems.

If you were to compare the new products, completely pouring out cosmetics, these two chapters would be similar to each other. Both started with the event, and the difference is in the additional items.