Everyone who bought this set in Fortnite for over $ 30 must have been surprised today

One of the Fortnite bundles has been greatly discounted. As a result, many people felt cheated in some way.

Fortnite discounts are nothing amazing. Epic lowers the prices of items or entire sets in connection with various special events. Now, for the winter, one of the relatively expensive packages has returned to the game.

An expensive one, because you had to pay 30 dollars for skins, gliders, backpacks, and V-Bucks. But not anymore.

And today this pack can be bought much, much cheaper

This set can be bought much cheaper today, specifically for $ 12. This is a very large discount, and many people complain that they have been scammed in some way.

Of course, there is no question of a refund, because Epic is able to do so and doesn’t break any rules.

On the other hand, evidently many people feel aggrieved. They paid a lot of money, hoping that this package would keep its price, making it quite unique. After all, not everyone can spend over $ 30 on just one set of items.

The discount is unlikely to be a result of any error. If that was the case, Epic would have long ago restored the standard price. No developer comment has been released yet.