Epic will be rebalancing weapons in Fortnite today. The upcoming amendment has been officially confirmed

Epic has confirmed that there will be changes to the balance of selected weapons today.

Normally, such changes would be included in the update, while for 19.10 we will probably have to wait until January 18. Therefore, Epic announced a rather unusual hotfix.

It will be dedicated to several weapons. It is not known yet how Epic will change them, but the developers have shared information about which guns will be affected.

Weapon rebalancing in Fortnite

On the official Fortnite status profile, there is a message about balancing weapons such as:

  • Stinger SMK,
  • MK-Seven Assault Riffle,
  • Auto Shotgun.

The amendment will come into play on January 13, which is today. However, it is not known at what time. Epic, on the other hand, writes that they will also add more extensive explanations about his decision.