Epic strengthened one of the settings in Fortnite. Now you just have to play using that

Epic seems to have strengthened one of the Fortnite elements in such a way that its use has become downright compulsory.

This situation is quite unusual because it is mainly publicized by YouTubers. It is known that influencers of all kinds have a tendency to exaggerate, but in this case, they seem to be right.

Although the official descriptions do not confirm this, Epic changed something in terms of sound and, as a result, one of the settings became “stronger”. All players advise you to definitely turn on the option responsible for selecting sound sources.

This option is rumored to be OP now

SypherPK, Muselk, and many other YouTubers say Epic has changed the visualization of sound effects so much that you just have to take advantage of it.

Even the professional players say that something has changed. The enemies can be heard from a distance, so it’s worth a try.

Most probably have it turned on, but if you still hesitated, it’s worth a try now. If it is so OP, Epic will probably weaken it a bit in some time.