SpongeBob’s skin in Fortnite was announced a few months ago? Hardly anyone noticed it

SpongeBob is a very popular character that can actually be introduced to Fortnite.

Epic’s partnership with Paramount, which owns Nickelodeon, was announced two days ago. This means that many popular characters from universes known to players from childhood may soon enter Fortnite.

SpongeBob is also among the potential candidates, although with him, the actual implementation of the skin or other cosmetic accessory is certainly an interesting issue – the character is not originally very large.

SpongeBob has already received a trailer referring to Fortnite

It turns out that Nickelodeon referred to Fortnite a few months ago. It was during the promotion of Portal Chase. Nobody mentioned it because there was really no reason. Back then, SpongeBob in Fortnite just aroused confusion and laughter.

Today that has changed. SpongeBob can be introduced into the game, so the community reminds of a reference from a few months back (November to be precise):


We have a battle bus theme here, many characters from well-known universes – perhaps it was the first announcement, the first wink towards Fortnite players.

The thing that puzzles players most is the transfer of SpongeBob to Fortnite – how the developers would adjust his shape and height. After all, hitting a rectangular skin would simply be too easy.