Epic mistakenly handed out to Fortnite players the rarest item in the entire game

Epic had a strong mishap, which resulted in giving players a unique item.

There are quite a lot of really unique items in Fortnite. It turns out that there is a case where only 27 people have one of the rare pickaxes at the moment. All because the collector is connected with the world of esports.

The Winning Pickaxe is not a permanent item. Epic only awards it to winners, so that at the end of the season, the item is passed on to other people.

Epic’s mishap made people get this pickaxe

For some reason, everyone who qualified for the Grand Royale got the pickaxe. This information spread incredibly quickly on social media.

People didn’t know what it was really about, so almost immediately “secret free pickaxe codes” appeared on the smaller, clickbait YouTube channels. In this case, Epic took specific action and removed the featured pickaxe from the locekrs of the people who got it.

You can’t get this pickaxe except by winning the FNCS. There are no codes, no secret ways, it was just a mistake that the developers fixed.