Epic is already testing Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 and this is very important news for one reason

Yesterday, Epic began testing Chapter 3 Season 2, the update marked 20.00.

Chapter 3, possibly the 9th season (still not officially confirmed) is labeled 19.00. You can expect that the file updates will be marked as 19.10, 19.20, and so on until the last update of the season.

Then comes Chapter 3 Season 2, or Chapter 10 Season 2 (depending on if all the leaks are confirmed). The new season will be marked as 20.00 and importantly, Epic has just started testing this update.

A whole season ahead

The players were afraid that the first season of the new chapter would drag on for half a year, as it was before. Fortunately, it looks like the standard 2 months to be expected. So far, we’re talking about the 60-70 days of Chapter 3 Season 1.

Interestingly, Epic is a season ahead, when players think about what will be for the winter, the developers are already planning skins for spring and summer. Epic has always done that, but it’s much more apparent now.

If all the leaks are correct, and the new season begins around December 7, it will probably end sometime in February 2022.