Donald Mustard changed the Twitter banner twice, confirming the theories of Fortnite leakers

Everything seems to indicate that the leakers were right about the appearance of the Foundation.

In all leaks regarding the event at the end of season 8, the Foundation was there. He was supposed to receive new dialogue lines and play an important role in the finale of chapter 2. So far, there have been no major confirmations of this information, but now Donald Mustard himself announces that there is indeed something to it.

Donald Mustard very often tells players what to expect from the next events in Fortnite. His banner changes are extremely important and always evoke a lot of emotions.

Donald Mustard changes his Twitter banner

This time, Mustard changed his banner twice. Interestingly, twice to the Foundation.

So it can be expected that the leaks were real. Players are a bit irritated that the subject of DC is returning again, but for now, it has to be approached with cool heads. Banners are not confirmation, but only an announcement. Usually, changing them only makes sense after some events.

Interestingly, Mustard changed this banner twice, it is possible that the first one was supposed to appear later, and Donald simply did a mishap. At the moment, it is difficult to say what it consisted of and what is in this first graphic.