Epic has published mysterious coordinates on Fortnite art . Where are they leading and what do they announce?

Epic either starts trolling, or it has some hidden meaning that players haven’t gotten to yet.

A rather unexpected graphic has appeared on the official social profiles, showing the coordinates. Of course, we’re still waiting for the new chapter, so this sort of thing becomes popular right away and attracts all leakers.

Due to the fact that this is the profile of a specific country, it can be some kind of community play, maybe a social initiative. Leakers checked it anyway.

Where do these coordinates lead?

Epic has published the coordinates for two places.

  • “33.8523 S 151.2108 E” – Sydney Harbor Bridge, this is of course the Sidney Bridge
  • “36.8509 S 174.7645 E” – Auckland, a city in New Zealand

You can’t see anything specific on the map, there are no clear shapes, in theory, it’s nothing that could attract attention. In practice, it may turn out to be another Epic’s game with players. So far, no one has gone to these places yet, but there is a chance that the developers have already prepared something there.

In the past, coordinates leading to Epic-created “activities” were also reported. It is possible that the developers somehow returned to this concept.