Epic is already getting ready for Easter 2022. Fortnite will surely have a mini-event

It is already certain that Easter will come to Fortnite again. What can we expect from it?

Easter 2022 in Fortnite will certainly be associated with the restoration of typical Easter cosmetic items. So you can expect classic rabbits, their different versions, and some completely new skins typically associated with Easter.

Epic has used April in the past to add all sorts of funny stuff. For example, on April 1st we had a free skin, then free pickaxes.

And although nothing finally appeared on April Fool’s Day, according to leakers, Epic is preparing something special for Easter. What exactly is it?

What’s Epic planning?

Expect an Egg Launcher to be added as standard, but according to searchers in the game’s files, Easter eggs will also appear on the island. You can guess that the developers will create some special challenges around them.

It’s not anything groundbreaking, but it does show that Epic is up to something. If developers maintain the current atmosphere of Easter, we can expect:

  • New and old cosmetic items typically associated with Easter.
  • The return of the egg launcher.
  • Eggs and challenges spread across the map.
  • Perhaps a tournament with a skin up for grabs.
  • Maybe some mini-events with challenges and items.

All this will turn out in a few or even several days. Easter is April 17, so Epic actually has one more content update before that.