Epic accidentally turned on the old Fortnite healing for elimination mechanic

For some reason, Epic confused the mechanics that should have been in the no-build mode.

Either Epic is trying to get Siphon back, or it’s just a mistake. In any case, Siphon has been restored in Fortnite for a while, i.e. healing the character after eliminating the opponent.

Players noticed it immediately and there was even a petition to leave the Siphon in the modes related to competition or tournaments and to remove additional renewing HP. Epic is probably not interested in this, however.

Siphon turned on by accident

Epic realized that the Siphon has been turned on in the no-build tournament, and has already announced that normal cover will return on Thursday.

Epic generally has their hands full with bugs at the moment. There are a lot of bugs on the developers’ list.

This is fairly normal at the beginning of the new season, but in fact, Epic has to patch everything faster, because the official “Fortnite Status” account publishes virtually every day.