Epic has hurriedly removed information about Fortnite’s upcoming Fortnitemares event

Epic for some reason removed all information about the event, which was announced by the developers themselves.

That’s not all Epic has planned for Halloween. Yesterday, on Fortnite’s regional social profiles, there was information about something called “Spooky Night.” Interestingly, however, it was removed.

Why was the information removed? A good question that caused a lot of excitement. Epic presented it as if it was about an event. Anyway, even the leakers read it that way.

What will it be?

From what you can guess, unfortunately, it will not be any special in-game event. Perhaps that’s why the entry was removed because players misperceived it. As the information on selected profiles indicated, this is probably about a tournament for streamers.

The Polish profile mentioned ready participants, so presumably, Epic is actually planning or was planning to launch an event for content creators.

Now it is a bit unclear whether it will take place at all. In theory, it’s scheduled for October 22, although this is a mystery as well, as different location profiles gave different dates – once it was October 20, once it was October 22. It’s possible that this was due to the time difference.