Skins that will not appear on Halloween in Fortnite. Which is a shame, because they looked cool in the survey

Players show which skins turned out to be, in the opinion of the developers, too bad to make it to Fortnite in the end.

In the surveys so far, there have been several skins that, by their appearance, directly suggested that Epic was preparing them for Fortnitemares, the Halloween event in Fortnite. Unfortunately, Halloween has already started, and several skins were missing.

So it can already be assumed that these won’t appear, or at least not this year. It’s hard to say why Epic decided not to release them, while it can be assumed that they simply weren’t very good.

What skins are unlikely to appear?

We are talking about a total of several skins. The first two could have appeared as early as last year. The third unfortunately dropped out of the latest survey.

There is also another skin that is waiting to be released, or has been completely abandoned:

This skin also fits the theme of Halloween:

It is possible that one of these skins is encrypted at this time, while the chances of this are rather low.