Epic didn’t forget Fortnite Chapter 1. What is there in the water, far from land?

Epic is known for its really interesting easter eggs. One of them concerns water, and specifically what is in it.

There are many interesting Easter eggs in chapter 3 that may surprise you. One of them concerns water and was already noticeable during the technical break. Still, few people know that the developers put something in there at all.

Mainly because this thing is relatively far from the island and there is no reason whatsoever to try to get there. It will not give us an advantage, it will not make us win the match, and even certain – we will just die.

Easter egg that can be found in the water

Epic has not forgotten about chapter 1. Many people will probably smile now, because the developers hid in the water a fragment of the robot’s hand that once, a long time ago, fought a monster.

Many people will remember it perfectly, and for new players, it can be a big surprise. The fact is, however, that there is indeed a hand in the water and everyone can see it in their match.

Does this affect the game? Not at all, Epic did it just to appeal to older players.