Donald Mustard clearly announces skins from the known universe that will appear in Fortnite

Donald Mustard loves to give tips on his Twitter account. Now another has appeared.

Epic’s “Chief Creative Officer” very often posts non-obvious hints on what to expect on his Twitter account. It is exactly the same this time. It is practically certain that the studio either wanted or still wants to introduce new cosmetic items related to a very famous universe.

The pattern is quite obvious. Donald Mustard writes something and then it is put into the game. So what’s still waiting in line?

Fortnite and Matrix

You can basically get ready for the fact that Fortnite will include cosmetic items strictly related to the Matrix. The release date is not yet certain.

In addition, there is also a Nintendo skin. The story behind this one is uncertain because according to leaks, at some stage Epic did not get along with Nintendo and finally there was no official cooperation. The chance is still there.

Now we just have to wait for the moment when Epic decides to release those cosmetics.