According to the theory of players, new animals are coming to Fortnite in the form of spiders from another dimension

Players in the promotional art from Epic have spotted a hint about the next creatures that may appear in Fortnite.

The graphics that Epic added indicate a lot of different things. Many theories have already been developed from them, but most don’t make much sense. Of course, everyone is expecting the return of the Storm King since the graphics show lightning.

Spiders from another dimension?

However, the spiders aroused the greatest emotions. According to the theory, these would come from another dimension and be released near the Fortnitemares. It was not announced officially, but it is possible.

It is known from leaks that the files contain other animals than the ones we know. Spiders would certainly be an interesting addition, although very little is known about them at present.

Will they be small, will they be possible to be eliminated, or will they deal damage? There are no answers to these questions yet. These are to be expected only during Halloween – of course, if the theory about their release is correct.