According to players, this free skin is worn by the most toxic people in all of Fortnite

One player boldly stated that people using this skin are somehow toxic. Many people agreed with him.

It’s not a very good idea to judge people by what skins they use. Unless we are talking about styles unlocked for the appropriate level – then it is easy to say that a given person plays a lot and for a long time.

Likewise, you can judge someone by their very old or unique skin. In theory, however, it’s hard to say anything about these free skins buyers. At least in theory.

It is said that this is the most toxic skin

One player created a topic on Reddit in which he wrote that one of the free skins, specifically the Peely skin, is always used by toxic people. Toxic, i.e. those that will insult you in voice chat, hinder the gameplay, and troll a lot.

Many people agreed, which was quite surprising. There is no question that officially this skin can be considered the most toxic, but it is indeed something, since a lot of people think so.