A useful trick in Fortnite that can save your life.. You can be healed with…

Few people know that it is possible to extend your life even when you are down.

There are many different types of secrets, tricks, and easter eggs in Fortnite. Some players know very well, others remain a mystery to most. In this particular case, it’s hard to really tell if this is a bug or what it was meant to be, but players can heal themselves while being knocked down.

All because of the vending machines and the possibility of using them. For some reason, you can now interact with them when it shouldn’t be possible

It is worth remembering this

If you are knocked down, it is worth looking for a vending machine nearby. You may find that thanks to it you will be able to survive. Of course, there are situations where such a rescue absolutely makes no sense, but sometimes it can be useful.


This is a little trick or a bug – if Epic doesn’t fix it in the next update, it can be used as a normal strategy. Rather, you can’t be banned for it.