A new chest will be added to Fortnite, which will only contain items of this type

Leakers are announcing new crates to be added to Fortnite soon.

Leakers are probably already reporting Epic’s plans for Season 4. Thanks to this, we know not only about Halloween, but also about new elements that will appear in Fortnite. For example, a new type of crate is to be added to the game.

The chest is supposed to have only a specific type of item, specifically healing. Inside, you will only find healing items, i.e. bandages, kevs, etc.

Healing chest in Fortnite

We are probably talking about the 4th season here, or at least this is the information from the messages provided by leakers.

In addition, there is information about NPCs who will also get new options and possibilities. It’s definitely something that can change Fortnite, but not amazingly so. New boxes in specific situations may prove beneficial. Additionally, it will always be a source of bonus XP for opening them.