A little over a week into Fortnite season 4, and people have already gotten abstractly high levels

The record holders of previous seasons are not idle. In the world of Fortnite there are people who have already managed to unlock the entire pass.

“LootStationYT” is the record holder when it comes to the amount of XP gained in just one season. The Youtuber does not plan to stop at his achievements, and so next season he is struggling to get to level 1000.

At this point, he is well on his way. It is worth mentioning here that his technique is very simple – the player focuses on collecting items or simply loot. When he feels he has done all he can, he simply leaves the game.

The highest level this season

Such tactics have translated into the fact that in just a little over a week a player has already gotten level 400. Many people don’t get to that point for an entire season, and here the player has already managed to break through another barrier.


Is it necessary to spend a lot of time on it? Yup. It requires playing a few, several hours each day. Why do it? For sheer satisfaction and, of course, to build your channel. At this point, unofficially, this 400 level is the highest anyone has reached this season.