A free item for 0 V-Bucks is up for grabs in the Fortnite Store today

Donald Mustard has once again changed his banner in the background for a reason. Fortnite has a 0 V-Bucks loading screen to claim.

Donald Mustard changed his Twitter banner again a few hours ago. This time it has little to do with the plot, the next season, etc. It suggests that it is worth visiting the Fortnite store.

In fact, there is a surprise waiting for players in today’s store.

Free loading screen

To claim your new loading screen, simply log in, go to the store, and purchase the loading screen. Its price is 0 V-Bucks and it’s not a bug, it’s a regular price.

You can easily buy it without fear that the V-Bucks will be taken from you, or that you will take advantage of some mistake. It was supposed to be like that.

Such initiatives are extremely rare in Fortnite, so it’s worth getting it.