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xQc reveals he had to go to “streamer therapy” after the second ban

xQc looked at the comments from the head of Twitch Community Productions. He revealed that he sometimes acts as a “therapist”.

During one of his last broadcasts, xQc looked at the comments from the head of Twitch Community Productions, Marcus “djWHEAT” Graham. The streamer didn’t really refer to his words, but said that he is “pretty cool”. He also revealed that after his second ban, he must have attended a sort of “streamer therapy” where Marcus was the “therapist”.

What was the “streamer therapy” mentioned by xQc like?

xQc at the very beginning explained the situation that caused him to go to streamer therapy:

Back in the days when I got banned Twitch said that part of me is unbaned… And I have to take part in something like a “streamer therapy” . I had to agree to one or couple of sessions of streamer reform therapy and this was my therapist.

The streamer doesn’t remember exactly what he was banned for but said it might have been a time he was tricked into watching the two gorillas mating live. During the “therapy” itself, he was asked questions such as:

Do you understand why you got banned?

Why is it wrong?


Admittedly, these types of “therapies” can sound a bit strange, but Twitch for some reason thought it was a good idea. It is also difficult to determine if these actually worked and the website is still running them since xQc participated in it in 2020.