People watching Minecraft are banned on Twitch. Why has it become a trend?

People who belong to the Minecraft community and show it, for example through their nicknames, must take into account the possibility of bans from specific streamers.

In recent weeks, more and more has been said about various types of bots that will improve the work of moderating specific channels on Twitch. Several very interesting projects are operating and developing, which in the future will be able to ban all viewers who are viewers of a certain person.

So far, the loudest audience banning action took place during the return of the streamer known as “Schlatt”, who returned to the Internet after two years of absence.

Ban for Minecraft viewers

The Minecraft community is considered toxic on Twitch, full of people who just write not very nice things. Therefore, the first thing Schlatt did after his return was to use a special bot to ban tens of thousands of people whose nicknames indicated any connection to the world of “toxic Minecraft”.

“We have created a bot that will ban any Twitch account that contained the words: Karl Jacobs, NotFound or WasTaken”

The streamer, laughing, to the accompaniment of classical music watched the bans appear every second.


Hence the trend for it, Schlatt was not the last one to do so, apparently, this is how well over 100,000 viewer accounts have been cut from Twitch. Bans have been imposed by several streamers, and the bot itself is to be developed.

It is hard to say how it will end or whether it will end at all. It’s possible that this is a temporary trend, or maybe it will become something normal for people from certain backgrounds to be excluded from these top streamers.