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Twitch streamer banned for sending obscene messages from Among Us in chat

One of the Twitch streamers was banned for 3 days for his not very well thought out message.

On Twitch, you can get banned not only for what you say or do directly during the broadcast itself. Streamer are also blocked when they write something inappropriate in their or someone else’s chat.

This is exactly what happened in this case where a TTV partner streamer sent a chat message containing an image from Among Us.

But the picture was not very nice

The ban was imposed for a vulgar image the streamer sent in chat. What for and why? He found it to be a funny joke. Twitch had a slightly different opinion. Rather, everyone recognizes the shape from Among Us here:

Recently, Twitch relatively often bans not even streamers, but completely normal viewers for what they write. One forbidden word, one report is enough and a given person is banned, usually for 3 or 7 days.