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Pokimane learns why it is better not to watch anime while streaming on Twitch

One of the popular streamers – Pokimane – decided to watch an anime fragment. Well, she couldn’t have expected 18+ content to appear there.

Watching anime while streaming on Twitch is incredibly risky, as Pokimane found out. Interestingly, this mishap did not cost her a ban, because everything was cleverly covered.

However, this situation still proves that some things are simply better not to be watched while broadcasting live. If the character did not cover herself, the ban could be permanent.

Pokimane is unlikely to turn on the anime anymore

The streamer watched the food scene, but there was no way she could have anticipated that the characters would be so happy that they would take off their clothes.


This is one of those cases where Twitch probably didn’t know how to approach the situation. Does it qualify for a ban or maybe not? It seems that the scene is definitely 18+. On the other hand, you can’t see anything special here, because the character is covering herself.

It is also worth remembering that we are talking about a Pokimane, who, according to many people, might be protected. Until she does something that is really wrong, she is unlikely to be banned.