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Twitch banned the official Twitch channel for an 18+ slip-up showing the cleavage. Yeah, really

Twitch has banned its ‘Primevideos’ channel where the rules have been violated.

There was a very unusual situation on Twitch, in which the platform theoretically blocked its own channel. It was the Spanish channel “PrimeVideoES”, that is, promoting the Prime service, and this one does not need any introduction.

The question is why there was such a mishap there, which can hardly be called a mishap. One of the presenters, or people appearing there (it is difficult to find context because VOD is obviously removed), for some reason, shows too much of the neckline.

18+ on the official stream

Twitch had no choice, it was against the platform’s rules and the channel had to be banned. The situation itself is fun enough, but it’s good that TTV is able to judge these kinds of things objectively.

Below is a clip of this “event”. If you’re a streamer, watch in a different tab, not on the stream. In theory, nothing much can be seen here, in practice, it was just for this moment that the ban was imposed.


It is not known for how long the channel was banned, but potentially 24 hours or 3 days.