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Twitch streamers from all over the world communicated in-game via Google Translator

How to communicate with a person whose language we do not know? There is a way.

Escape from Tarkov is a very characteristic production in which you can cooperate with other players. However, this is not mandatory, you might as well eliminate another player by taking everything he has with him.

Pestily, one of the Twitch streamers, was very peaceful in that regard, especially since his theoretical opponent tried to communicate with him in a rather entertaining way using Google Translate.

An unusual way of communication

At first, Pestily did not know if he was imagining it or really the player was talking to him. In fact, the other player was communicating through Google translator. The streamer then researched the topic by going through the countries and languages one by one, until the two started talking to each other quite fluently.


The situation is so unusual that clips quickly gained popularity. When even voice chat is turned off in LoL, in Escape from Tarkov people are looking for ways to communicate without knowing any languages.