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For 15 days, the Twitch streamer streamed himself speaking just one word a million times

On Twitch, there are some really weird initiatives from time to time.

On December 1, one of the streamers began their action of streaming non-stop until he says the word “Mario” a million times. At this point, in order to stand out on TTV, you have to come up with more and more creative things.

Is repeating one word for 14 days creative? It can definitely be interesting if other people appear on the stream in the meantime, the streamer plays Mario himself, is dressed as him and you can see that he is having a good time.

End after 15 days

You can surely see that many people were interested in it. Normally, the streamer was watched by 100-200 people, and during these few days of December, he was able to reach even 4-5 thousand viewers.

The unusual broadcast, with additional activities and the main theme of Mario, really gave the streamer a huge kick. In total, this month he streamed for over 330 hours and finally ended on December 15th.


It certainly takes a lot of perseverance to pull this type of challenge to the end. Something unusual, as you can see, worked. Now it’s up to Nicro to make use of the notoriety.