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Do you worry about the mess in the room? This is what the desk of the most popular Twitch streamer looks like

xQc is currently the most watched streamer in the last 30 days. During the last broadcast, at the request of viewers, he showed what his desk looks like.

Some streamers spend many hours of computer sessions gathering a lot of stuff around them, which then just sits on the desk and then passes by.

It used to be loud about the keyboard Tyler1 used. When it comes to xQc, a keyboard is not that bad yet, but he could actually do something with a desk.

What does xQc’s desk look like?

It is evident that what could no longer fit on the desk was simply removed from it and put aside. And so on the floor are food wrappers, an open pizza box, some mugs, and bottles.

On the other hand, the desk itself is swarming with drinks, mostly coffee, but there are also a few cans. There’s also some stuff under the bed.


Of course, xQc cleans up sometimes, but he’s the only streamer who has something like that in his room. It’s always an additional stream content – great room cleaning. The rest of the house is said to be much more tidy.