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Yes, it’s still Twitch. No, this streamer won’t get banned for a very simple reason

Seeing some of the clips, it’s hard not to ask when Twitch will change its rules again.

It is known that there are extreme situations on Twitch in which a streamer exaggerates with content around 18+. Usually, however, it is balancing on the verge of a ban on the principle “it will or will not work”.

At the moment, the greatest weapon of, for example, streamers wearing swimsuits is the ToS entry that it is allowed when, for example, they are in a swimming pool, or in another place where the use of costumes is allowed.

And it is ruthlessly used

This particular clip in question received over 180,000 views in just 48 hours, and its popularity is only growing.

The streamer was not banned for this broadcast, because there is no reason for it, moreover, all clips are normally available.


Why? Because, in theory, there’s nothing wrong with that. This is one of the many IRL broadcasts with the difference that the streamer decided to go to the sauna and hang around a bit in front of the camera.

There is a good chance that sometime in 2022, Twitch will change its rules again. Although it is difficult to say what the new additions to the ToS would sound like. After all, no one will forbid you to go to swimming pools, saunas, or wearing swimwear.