Twitch streamer viewers were supposed to tip the pizza delivery man. How much did they collect?

Streamer made an interesting proposal during his broadcast on Twitch.

Streamers on Twitch very often unite with their viewers for various purposes. Sometimes these are typical charity actions, sometimes they just want to do something good, sometimes something crazy. Either way, some of these situations are really positive and memorable for the community.

A streamer with the nickname “Sweatcicle” had a rather spontaneous idea to tip the pizza delivery man. So he organized a quick fundraiser on Twitch.

How much Sweatcicle’s viewers have raised for a pizza delivery man?

The streamer decided to order a pizza, but with a small payback – he promised his community that any subscription money received before the order was placed would be given to the supplier as a tip. His fans didn’t disappoint and raised over $ 70 in minutes.

It’s all thanks to the people in the chat, commented Sweatcicle.

You paid my electric bill! You are amazing, you are amazing. Thank you so much.


It seems that the gesture was really great, especially as the woman delivering the pizza was very happy.