There will be three new buttons under streams next month on Twitch

We can slowly get ready for the introduction of the functions announced some time ago.

Twitch announced a few weeks ago that it wants to introduce a fast scrolling function. It would work without the need to go into VOD and look for a specific moment. Instead, there would be a special button under the transmission that would allow you to rewind the stream by a few minutes.

In addition, the platform also announced two other buttons. These will start coming out from the next month. What is known about this?

Three new buttons on Twitch

The official information on this topic is not very long. However, it is known from previous news that it will be possible to rewind the stream by 5 minutes.

In addition to this, there will also be an option to watch the channel trailer and set a reminder. While the trailer is not extremely important, the reminders can be useful to many people, especially if we want to see a tournament, etc.

Twitch plans to roll it out slowly, without rush, so it is likely that these options will be available in different regions and on different streams. For this reason, we have to be patient.