This is the method the Twitch streamer uses to increase viewership by over 800%

One of the streamers, who was watched by several hundred people, today has clips that have already been watched by about 100,000 viewers. How?

“nnabi” definitely knows how to be big on Twitch. So far, her stats have been fairly constant, with no significant dips or gains. But something has changed. In the last 30 days, the streamer has seen an over 800% increase in viewership.

Powód? Cóż, najpopularniejsze klipy mówią same za siebie.

Over 800% increase in viewers

The streamer knows exactly what she is doing – her content theoretically consists mainly of talking to people, but it looks like this:


Or that:


Looking at the clips, you can expect some temporary ban soon, although so far in theory it does not break Twitch’s ToS in any way. The most viral clip, with a viewership of 100,000, is the one with the bird. It is spreading over the Internet at a very fast pace – it is thanks to it that nnabi is watched by more and more people.