The pro players reaction to LoL Worlds crashes says it all

The community is surprised that there are so many problems during this year’s Worlds.

The World Cup is League of Legends’ biggest esports event. Many fans wait for months for a huge international event, during which the best teams from various regions meet on stage. Worlds always come with a lot of emotions, so hardly anyone would like the mood to be spoiled by oversights and mistakes.

Of course, there have always been some problems and glitches during live events and it is difficult to perfectly plan the course of such a large event. Unfortunately, sometimes there are too many problems, and the complications related to the game in which the Chinese team EDward Gaming was involved, greatly upset the community.

LoL fans did not hide their irritation and strongly criticized Riot.

The game freezes during Worlds

The League of Legends World Cup is a great opportunity for many teams. It can be said that the fight for the title of the champion is a life dream of many e-sports players. No wonder that both players and fans hope for the entire tournament to go smoothly and that the result of the match will be determined by the preparation of the team, not problems with the equipment or the game itself.

The Chinese team EDward Gaming was unfortunately not very lucky. During the match broadcast, it was noticeable that there were some issues with the game, which meant that it had to be interrupted. As you can guess, stopping the match not only irritated the viewers but also had a bad effect on the players. During such an important event as the League of Legends World Championship, participants want to be as focused on the game as possible, so any problem or suspension of the game knocks them out of focus. Ultimately, such situations exhaust the participants of the competition mentally and have a negative impact on the reception of the event.

Tian Ye, known as Meiko, support of EDward Gaming, complained about problems with the game and the recordings show that the player was very irritated with the whole situation. Many fans say that such flaws during a major international event are unacceptable and it is strange that they have appeared many times in one game.

The video below shows how EDG’s support was kicked out of the game several times, and the game itself had to be stopped. His face says it all.


Some people claim that the glitches and problems with LoL could have had an impact on the final results of the Chinese team.

There were many negative comments on the Internet, and players were irritated that Riot allowed the described situation. Some were amazed that there were so many problems with the game at a huge international esports event.

The commentators sympathized with Meiko, writing that they were not surprised that he was nervous about the whole situation. Players hope that Riot will actually take an interest in the problem and not pretend nothing happened.