Presentation of new Arcane skins for Vi and Jayce in LoL. Leaks about Caitlyn and Jinx

We got to know the new skins that will be added to League of Legends. Still, Riot has yet to confirm two of them.

This time Riot showed relatively few skins because only two. It is possible that more will be revealed in the coming minutes, but the studio may as well show in more than a while.

The skins are from the Arcane series. According to the leaks, Caitlyn and Jinx will also get the skins, but they are not in the presentation. Recall that their skins are shown in TFT. While not confirmed, players have no doubts:

New Arcane skins

What Riot has confirmed are skins for Jayce and Vi. Their splash art can be seen below.

The presentation directly in the game has also been added. Victorious Blitzcrank also appeared in it.


Screenshots directly from the game will come in some time.